How we help

We believe that God is our Father who cares for us and loves us. We want to share that love with as many people as we can – as individuals with whoever we meet, and together as a loving community of God’s people. But what does that mean?

Jesus said that we should love God, and love others as we love ourselves. This means looking out for people, listening, helping and giving hope. This is what we want to do, not only as it means we create a strong community, but also because it pleases God. We want to help you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Sharing God’s love means going the extra mile, by being genuinely interested in who you are, and trying to make the world a bit better. We would love to hear your stories and encourage you in your life. If you need particular help, we can even connect you with people who help with counselling or issues surrounding debt or unemployment.

It is about who we are, and how we can serve people, regardless of their religion, nationality or age. We are not able to fix all the troubles in life, but we want to walk beside you as you face them.

Below are some helpful links to people who we know. If you have specific needs, they may be able to help more than we can – but we would still love to meet you regardless.

A couple of groups are not run by our church but use our building during the week such as Alcoholics Anonymous which meets in our church hall on a Monday evening at 7:30pm and Slimming World which meets in the church hall on a Tuesday evening at 7:30pm.

As well as sharing God’s love with those in our neighbourhood and our city, we want to do what we can to share God’s love with the nations. Some of our members have served overseas, and we support BMS World Mission.