Street Pastors

As part of our commitment to show care and compassion to those in our city, we support the work of Glasgow Street Pastors.

Glasgow Street Pastors began in January 2009 with 50 volunteers. Now, over 120 volunteers operate in 8 Street Pastor teams, Safe Zone teams and Prayer Pastor teams. Street Pastors is an interdenominational, Christian organisation, working in partnership with local churches, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland. This is known as the Urban Trinity.

Street Pastors engage with a variety of people who use the night economy of the city centre, especially those who become vulnerable and require support for a safe onward journey. Street Pastors also work with the increasing number of homeless people to be found in the city centre. Street Pastors provide support not only to Police Scotland but also to door stewards and taxi marshals. Teams are linked by radio to the CCTV control centre at Community Safety Glasgow, enabling a speedy response to requests for help. Team leaders can also request cameras to cover potential flashpoints.

Street Pastors come from diverse backgrounds and operate in mixed gender teams. All volunteers have PVG registration. They are motivated to demonstrate non-judgmental, compassionate care in the heart of the city by listening, caring and helping. The instantly recognisable uniform is welcomed on the streets of Glasgow and at other major events.

Teams are out in the city centre every Friday and Saturday night. One of the Saturday team leaders in Glasgow is our Ruth Kelso.

Experience Street Pastors

Want to experience Street Pastors? For a closer look at Glasgow Street Pastors, why not try a taster night as an observer with them? They will place you on one of their teams and let you experience what they do each week.

Prayer Pastors

Prayer Pastors are a group of people from various churches in the Glasgow area who support Glasgow Street Pastors in prayer. They provide an essential support to the success of every engagement a Street Pastor has. This support is a real-time cooperation with the teams on the street as the Prayer Pastors are in communication with them throughout the night.

The Prayer Team typically prays for general things like safety, success, protection, relationships, and opportunities. But often they will be asked to pray for specific situations that are encountered. If you are interested in being a part of the Prayer Pastors team, then you can contact Street Pastors through their website.


You could also apply to be a part of a Street Pastors team. They are looking for enthusiastic people who have a heart for Glasgow and are willing to give at least one night (9:30pm– 4:00am) a month to be out on the streets assisting and listening to those who frequent the City Centre. Street Pastors are available to listen, give assistance, offer aid when needed, and make the City Centre a more peaceful and safe environment. All volunteers will be disclosed, interviewed and provided with essential training.

You can apply through the website:

Or by contacting:
Glasgow Street Pastors
St. George’s Tron
163 Buchanan Street
Glasgow G1 2JX

07908 829 312