Knightswood Fellowship of Churches

Knightswood Fellowship of Churches is a group of churches in and around Knightswood, Glasgow, committed to serving our local community. We exist to:

  • Meet together, to deepen healthy and loving relationships between the Christian traditions which meet in Knightswood and the surrounding areas of Anniesland, Blawarthill and Yoker;
  • Worship together regularly, to glorify God and to demonstrate our unity in Christ;
  • Give to others, usually to the work of Christian Aid around the world;
  • Work together, in compassionate service, to bless others in our community, by communicating, co-operating and coordinating with each other.

We meet, worship, give and work together in love and unity.

Joint Services

We have the following joint Sunday evening services in 2017/18, which all start at 6:30pm:

Date Venue Speaker Theme
7 October 2018 St Brendan’s RC Rev Graham Thain Harvest
2 December 2018 Anniesland Methodist Fr Frank Balmer Advent
20 January 2019 Yoker Parish Rev Andrew Baker Christian Unity
10 March 2019 Knightswood Congregational Rev Karen Hendry Lent
14 April 2019 Blawarthill Parish Rev Sydney Maitland Palm Sunday
9 June 2019 St Ninians RC Rev Fiona Gardner Pentecost

Member Churches

There are twelve churches which are members of Knightswood Fellowship of Churches. Below, you can find general information about each church. If you want more information about any of the churches, please click on their website link.

Blawarthill Church of Scotland: Website
Address: Millbrix Avenue, Glasgow, G14 0EP
Minister: Rev G Melvyn Wood

Corpus Christi RC Church: Website
Address: 42 Lincoln Avenue, Glasgow, G13 3RG
Minister: Rev Benneth Onyebuchukwu

Knightswood Baptist Church
Address: 183 Knightswood Road, Glasgow, G13 2XL
Minister: Rev Gus Macaulay

Knightswood Congregational: Website
Address: 12 Dunterlie Avenue, Glasgow, G13 3AB
Minister: Rev Thomas R Wilson

Knightswood United Free: Website
Address: 2144 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G13 2AA
Minister: Rev Eric Worton

Methodist Church Anniesland: Website
Address: 12 Sutcliffe Road, Glasgow, G13 1DX
Minister: Rev Andrew Baker

St Brendan’s RC Church
Address: 187 Kelso Street, Glasgow, G13 4BH
Minister: Rev Joe McAuley

St David’s Knightswood Church of Scotland: Website
Address: 66 Boreland Drive, Glasgow, G13 3DX
Minister: Rev Graham Thain

St Margaret’s Church of Scotland: Website
Address: 2000 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G13 2HA
Minister: Rev Sandy Fraser

St Ninian’s RC Church
Address: 5 Baldwin Avenue, Glasgow, G13 2EE
Minister: Rev Francis Balmer

Temple Anniesland Church of Scotland: Website
Address: 869 Crow Road, Glasgow, G13 1LE
Minister: Rev Fiona Gardner

Yoker Church of Scotland: Website
Address: 10 Hawick Street, Glasgow, G13 4EJ
Minister: Rev Karen Hendry

Local activities

When the Knightswood Fellowship of Churches worships together, we give to the good work of Christian Aid around the world. You can learn more about their work on the Christian Aid website.

Our churches also work together in compassionate service to bless others.

Our friends in Blawarthill Parish Church run the Glasgow North West Foodbank. You can find out more about that foodbank on the Glasgow North West Foodbank website.

Some of our folks are also involved in the Storehouse Foodbank in Anniesland, and you can find out more about that foodbank on the Storehouse website.

A little further away, there’s also a foodbank in Whiteinch which is not run by a congregation in the Knightswood Fellowship of Churches, but it might be of use for you to have the details. You can find out about that on the Whiteinch Church of Scotland website.