What to expect

Feel free to join us on Sundays. We are a warm and friendly church and we’d love to see you. Our morning service starts at 11.00.

We are known as a welcoming church and we hope you feel relaxed and at home among us. You don’t need to dress up – just come as you are. You will be welcomed at the door and you can take a seat anywhere you like.

Our minister usually leads the service. He starts by welcoming everybody, reading a short passage from the Bible and prays.

After that, we stand to sing, led by our worship band. Our style of music is a blend of traditional and contemporary. All the words are projected on to a screen at the front of the church.

As part of our worship, we take an offering and an offering bag is passed around. There is no compulsion on visitors to give; if you want to just pass the offering bag on, that’s no problem. After the offering, we usually pray and sing again.

After about twenty minutes, it’s time for the children to go through to kids’ church, where they worship God and learn together.

For those of us in the main service, we also take time to learn from the Bible. Our minister or a guest speaker brings us a message, and we all play a part by listening, reflecting and learning.

After the message, we will sing again, before taking communion. This is where we remember Jesus, and what he did for us.

Everyone who loves Jesus and follows him is invited to take communion with us. If you don’t want to take communion, please simply pass on the tray of bread and the tray of wine as it is passed around, and feel free to use the time to reflect.

We then close the service with more prayer and singing. The service usually ends by about 12.15.

Most people go through to one of our halls for tea and coffee together, which is a great time to get to know each other better and to chat. If you want to join us for that, you’d be very welcome. We also have wheelchair access and an accessible toilet.

We’d love to see you sometime and we hope to see you soon.