Our vision

A big part of our vision is to see Knightswood thrive and flourish.

We want to make Knightswood a better place to live. The best way of doing that is by one person or family at a time, befriending them, listening to their needs, sharing their joy and seeing them grow.

Knightswood covers a huge area so we know this won’t happen overnight, but we try to do all that we can. We believe that what we do now will have a positive impact for the generations to come.

Above all, our vision is to be a church who shows God’s love to everyone.

We value loving relationships which affirm each other, which celebrate our unity in the midst of our diversity, and which build each other up in the way we speak and care for one another. Our relationships with each other are to be filled with love and grace.

We want our church to be a really good place to be. We’d love you to be part of that story.