Our vision

Our vision is to be a church who loves Jesus.

We are followers of Jesus, and we want to share his love with everyone we meet.

We believe that the primary purpose of our existence is to glorify God and worship him with the whole of our lives.

We seek to experience God throughout each day as we practise the presence of God in all that we do, wherever we may be.

We wish to see God’s church built up to glorify God, to encourage one another and to share the Good News about Jesus with the world.

We value loving relationships which affirm each other, which celebrate our unity in Jesus in the midst of our diversity, and which build each other up in the way we speak and care for one another. Our relationships with each other are to be filled with love and grace. We want our church to be a good place to be.

We encourage each person to serve for the benefit of us all, and for each person to show love no matter what they are doing. We want everyone to be involved in the life of the church and in the care that we show to each other. In working together, we seek to support and encourage our leaders.

We are an inclusive church which warmly welcomes all who seek a sense of belonging with followers of Jesus.

We emphasise a deep sense of practical love and care for all who are part of our community and we value respect for every individual. We care for those on the margins of our fellowship, and for every child entrusted to us. We affirm the value of family life and the goodness of unity.

We celebrate our Baptist identity as a church and we are a member church of the Baptist Union of Scotland.

We also emphasise the importance of membership for all who wish to be part of our community, covenanting with us to serve God together, affirming the importance of commitment to one another and to community, and journeying together as we follow God and his call on our lives. Thus, we work together in unity to fulfil God’s vision for us as a fellowship.

We meet together as often as we are able for worship together on Sundays, and mid-week for meetings in smaller groups. We want to ensure our teaching is relevant, challenging, practical and encouraging, and that our meetings are meaningful and life-changing events. We pray lovingly for one another.

We want to serve our community and care for the world we live in with the love of Jesus.

We seek to be followers of Jesus, and invite others to become followers of Jesus, all for God’s glory.